About Us


Our Background

NWRC was founded in 2014 by James Deakin, who was at the time working in criminal justice services and becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of effective provision available for people with drug and alcohol addictions.

NWRC began delivering a programme of meetings and recovery activity from Penrhyn House, which at the time was a hostel for ex-offenders. After negotiations with the landlord, James and the team took over the running of Penrhyn House and have since been running a rehabilitation programme for people with addictions to drugs and alcohol, they also provide a range of abstinent accommodation from Penrhyn House.

NWRC now has a team of seven staff; all staff are in recovery themselves, and two have used NWRC services previously to support them on their recovery journey. Working and recruiting in this way has contributed to an democratic ethos amongst staff and clients, enabling them to work honestly and openly together, creating an environment in which people can overcome their addictions and rebuild their lives.

Meet The Team



“I’ve been in recovery for the past 15 years and now share my experiences of active addiction and offending to support other people to bring a positive change to their own lives. I believe strongly in the concepts of mutual aid and shared experience and believe that these are the foundations that NWRC are built upon”


Housing Manager

“I have had many different types of jobs over the years but find my role here as the Housing Manager is the most rewarding. I can use my own personal experience of addiction and 21 years or so of sobriety to help others”.


Duty Officer

“My recovery journey started at Penrhyn House over 8 years ago. I was a resident for 2 and half years and through a lot of hard work and dedication, I’m proud to say I work at Penrhyn as a Duty officer. I love working within the Penrhyn community and using my own experiences to help others”.


Duty Officer

I have been in recovery for just over 6 years now and it's been one hell of a journey. I've learnt new skills, gained new qualifications, explored the beaches, forests, rivers and mountains of North Wales, been more physically active than l've ever been, created memories I will never forget, met friends that I will have for life, had a beautiful daughter, made my family feel proud again, started my own business and have published psychological research with academic peers at Bangor University. I'm fortunate enough to now be helping people in recovery at N.W.R.C. whilst also working with the psychology department at Bangor University helping future clinical psychologists gain more insight into the world of addiction as part of their 'peoples panel'. This journey all started with a chronic alcohol and drug problem. A life like the one that I'm building with the help of N.W.R.C. is well within the reach of anyone out there still living in the misery of addiction, if they take it one day at a time. 

"The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones"



Duty Officer

I have been in recovery for over a decade and have learnt so much about myself and how to re-build the best relationships with my friends and loved ones. It wasn’t easy to choose to live without substances,   but I have been given the support to do this by engaging with peer support, service user involvement and other addicts in recovery. Seeing the work achieved at Penrhyn House, after many years of coming to North Wales to visit family, often worried that there was little support on offer here, it is so inspiring to be a part of a community that is so dedicated in making positive changes in peoples lives. Being in recovery means I can trust myself to do the right thing, when for years I didn’t know what I liked, who I was, and if I would reach my potential. In recovery I’ve accessed higher education, relocated to a beautiful place in the world, travelled far and wide and have accessed talents, like djing, which I always lacked the confidence to do when I used.


Duty Officer

I first discovered Penrhyn House through attending 12 step meetings and soon realised Penrhyn had so much more to offer. Penrhyn helped me snap out of self through attending various informative on site group therapies as well as taking part in mindful activities. 18 months on and I am now proud to be part of the team at Penrhyn as a duty officer and to be of service and help guide others in their recovery.